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Dear Anyone,

I think this girl that I've known for a long time likes me, but I'm not sure. She admitted to liking me before. Now she still shows signs and says I'm awesome, but when I'm flirting with her she says, "You're so immature." How do I know if this girl likes me?

Wants to Know


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A:  Duh! She tells you she likes you and wants to hang out. Anything less than that, and you're grasping at straws.
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B:  She licks her lips when she's talking to you. Girls act seductive to show their interest.
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C:  She compliments you and then tells you you're immature. This illogical behavior means she's flustered by your manly presence.
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D:  Nothing about this girl's behavior suggests she likes you. Give it up, already, my friend.

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