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Dear Anyone,

I study at a college here doing my pharmacy course. One of my classmates shows me a lot of attitude. It is pretty evident, since other people think the same. They don't like her attitude either. She tries to degrade me whenever she can. She tries to show off and act like a know-it-all... and sometimes I do feel she gets jealous when I excel in things. I usually hang around with her, and she does help me out when she's in the mood. Otherwise, I think she thinks I'm less smart than her. I'm not the kind of person who would tell people to their faces that I despise them. I'm confused. I don't really feel like hanging around with her but still... what do I do?

College Girl


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A:  Put up with it for the sake of college. If she helps you out once in a while, at least you're getting something out of it.
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B:  Stop hanging around her. Toxic people have a way of making your life miserable.
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C:  Show the same attitude. Maybe she'll tone it down when she knows you're not a pushover.
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D:  Let her know you don't like her. Honesty is always the best policy.

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