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Dear Anyone,

Hi, I need some advice on a guy. I really like him. We've been best friends for a while. I didn't used to like him until the night of my party. We ended up playing double dog dare, which we all know you can't back out of. Well my friends "Helen" and "Karrie" dared "Chris" and I to make out, so we did and ever since then I've felt different about him. But here's the other problem: he's got a girlfriend and I'm kinda involved with my ex. I can tell Chris likes me though. His sister, who's my best friend, said he told her he did. But I still really like my ex. Who should I choose?

Confused Emotions in Montrose - HELP!


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A:  Love doesn't start from a double dog dare. Stay with your ex, honey.
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B:  Dump your ex and go out with Chris. You like him and he likes you, so go for it.
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C:  Tell Chris how you feel. Why risk your current relationship until you know he's interested?
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D:  Date neither. It doesn't sound like either of these guys are the real deal.

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