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Dear Anyone,

I just recently found out that this girl that I spend a lot of time with wants to have a relationship with me. I like her a lot too, and I would be more than happy to be with her. However, it would feel a little weird, because she's 11 and I'm 13. She's already going through puberty, and she'll be twelve in 2 months, so those factors make it less questionable. I just want to know if this is acceptable to people. Please give me advice!

Young Love


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A:  What's wrong with it? Love is love, and it's only a two year difference.
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B:  Wait until she's older--maybe 12. Right now she's way too young.
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C:  Ask your parents, and if they say dating is OK, then go for it.
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D:  Geez, you're both too young. You've got your whole life to stress about "love," so why not just enjoy your childhood?

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