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Dear Anyone,

OK, so the other day my friend of 8 years spent the night at my house. I fell asleep earlier than her, and I woke up in the middle of the night to see my friend, a girl, kissing me in my sleep!!! I was freaking out. I almost punched her in the face. To top it all off, the other day I found out she gave me mono!!! I need help! Please give me some advice!

Offended in Ohio


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A:  You should stop hanging out with your friend. You guys are marching to the beat of totally different drums.
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B:  You should tell someone. They can set her straight--literally and figuratively.
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C:  You should confront her about it, but forgive her (or at least try).
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D:  Your friend had a brain cramp. Stay friends, and just pretend nothing happened. A kiss is no big deal.

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