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Dear Anyone,

OK, I feel weird typing this, but I really need some advice. Lately, I've been very attracted to my best friend, who is also a guy. I think that he might feel the same way about me, and I would really like to have a relationship with him. He doesn't know that I have a homosexual attraction to him. In fact, no one knows that I am gay. I think it'd be easier if I came out of the closet, but I'm afraid of what my friends and family will think. Please, I really need some help!

Lost in Maryland


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A:  Only tell your best friend about the attraction. If he's the object of your affections, you might as well let him know.
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B:  Come out of the closet to all of your friends and family. You can't hide who you are forever.
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C:  Keep it to yourself for now. And don't tell your best friend you like him--that's way too much for a teenage guy to handle.
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D:  Let your friend make the first move. This is no time to stick your neck out.

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