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Dear Anyone,

OK. For the last 18 months, I've been with my girlfriend (and that's pretty good, seeing as I'm 14 and she's 13. We're young). Her dad doesn't approve of her having a boyfriend and doesn't know about me. He is SO ignorant to her, and always keeps her at home. He would punish her for the slightest little thing. And a bigger problem is that we live 20 miles apart, so she comes over to my cousin's house every Saturday (my cousin is her best friend). And she hasn't been trying to see me that much lately, and it's got me wondering if I should tell her about this problem, but I fear that she would get mad at me for it. I want to talk her dad into letting me see her, but I'm afraid he'd send her to some correctional facility. I really want to know what's on her mind. I really love her and don't want to break up with her, but with all of these problems, I dont think we'll last much longer unless I take action. PLEASE give me advice!



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A:  Break up and move on. If her dad doesn't approve, then respect his wishes. Otherwise, you risk getting your girlfriend into big-time trouble.
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B:  Take the risk and talk to her dad about it. He might appreciate your honesty and let you date his daughter.
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C:  Tell your girlfriend about your worries, and only take the course of action that you BOTH agree on.
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D:  Do nothing. Talking to her dad would be relationship suicide. Just ride things out, don't push any panic buttons and see if things improve.

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