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Dear Anyone,

Last night me and my dad had a huge argument. He was complaining that I was on the phone too long and too much. So my dad told me that I can only talk to my boyfriend an hour a day. My dad just didn't tell me, he yelled to me. He doesn't undersatnd that talking to my boyfriend is the only real comfort I get throughout the day. And then he said I'm not allowed to be with him alone, even if we're just going to the movies! He said I'm to young to be alone with a boy anyway! Should I tell my dad he is being unreasonable and that he is just overreacting? If I don't do that, then how can I maintain the same relationship with my boyfriend as I do now? Should I go behind my dad's back and talk to my boyfriend more than an hour anyway? This bugging me so much that I can't sleep and I am continuously crying. PLEASE HELP!



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A:  Dad's being a jerk, so break the rules. Go behind your dad's back and talk to your boyfriend as much as you want when your dad isn't around.
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B:  Dad's rules may be idiotic, but you have to follow them. If you live under his roof, you play by his rules.
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C:  Tell a little white lie. Go out with your boyfriend, and just tell your dad that your boyfriend's mom will be you the whole time.
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D:  Get a part-time job, then get your own line or a cell phone. Dad can control his telephone line, but not yours.

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