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Dear Anyone,

My best friend "Sally" has another best friend. I know everyone says that you can have two best friends. The friend, "Debbie," is always more upbeat and seems more fun than I am. I've known Sally and have been best friends with her since we were little. But whenever she's around Debbie she seems like she likes her more than me. I'm always the third wheel in the group and Sally always takes her side. I try not to get mad at them, but I hate it when Sally talks about her other best friend. Debbie seems fun but she's a bad influence on her. Alchohol, bad things with guys, etc. I'm not sure exactly what to do. I've tried to talk to Sally about it but she gets defensive of Debbie and tells me I'm just jealous that Debbie gets any guy she wants and I can't. I'm not sure what to do.

Going Insane in the Heartland


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B:  Give Sally time. She could be going through a "bad girl" phase, but one day she'll realize that you're the tried and true friend.
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C:  Try to be more like them. Be more outgoing and loosen up, and you'll be more a part of the group.
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D:  Hang out with Sally only when Debbie's not there. That way, you can enjoy Sally's company without the grief that Debbie creates.

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