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Dear Anyone,

For the past few months, me and my best friend "Kelly" have not been talking. I think it is because I started smoking, but she says it is because she has been really busy with family and sports and upcoming events. I think that she is avoiding me because I know that she has hung out with other friends of ours. I asked her about this and she wrote me a note saying that we have new and different friends now and that we have different lifestyles (???). I just don't get it!

She Just Stopped Talking to Me In Missouri


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A:  Tell her that you're sorry for whatever you did to make her stop talking to you. Keeping a friend means pulling out all the stops.
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B:  The note sounds pretty ambiguous. You need to initiate a follow-up conversation to find out what she means.
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C:  What's there not to get? "Different lifestyles" means that she's not into your smoking and other life choices. The friendship is over, honey.

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