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Dear Anyone,

I am in middle school, and there is this one guy in the high school that says he is willing to stop smoking, stop drinking, and stop doing drugs if I date him, but the thing is, he is not very good looking. I mean otherwise he is pretty cool, but I don't think I could go through not being able to see him a lot, and on the weekends that I do see him, wake up knowing I could be with another guy who is a lot cuter. But the cuter guy says he is too addicted to drugs and alcohol that he can't stop. I've been in a couple relationships with guys that smoke or drink or whatever, and we don't really get along in the end. So should I go out with this guy who says he will stop his bad behaviors or not?

Love What You Don't Have in Florida


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A:  Go out with the guy who's willing to change. You might find love and straighten out a guy's addictions to boot.
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B:  There has to be physical attraction. If you already know that you're not super attracted to him, then why bother? Stay friends, though.
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C:  Who do you think you are, Mother Teresa? Is it your job to help charity cases? Guys who do drugs are bad news, and won't change because of a girl. Stay away.

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