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Dear Anyone,

One of the friends I've had since forever has been going out with this guy for almost a year now. Despite the fact he hates me, he's a nice guy, except my friend "Julie" has alienated me and all of our other friends for him. We all have put up with it for such a long time and she's nearly completely out of our lives, but I want her back. We have all tried talking to her but it doesn't work. Her boyfriend gets so jealous whenever she hangs out with us. What's worse is whenever her boyfriend's gone, she goes to us as her sloppy seconds, which hurts. How can we get her to be our friend again without being sloppy seconds?

Second Place in Wisconsin


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A:  Try talking to her again, mentioning that you don't want to be second place. Her friendship is worth one more try.
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B:  Forget her. When they break up, she'll learn her lesson and come running back to you anyway.
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C:  Try talking to her boyfriend, even though he hates you. Let him know you want to SHARE Julie, not STEAL her.
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D:  She sounds like a crappy friend. Move on.

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