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Dear Anyone,

Right now I am in a relationship with someone I really like but don't know if I can trust. Whenever we are out, his phone rings all the time. If it's one of his friends he'll answer but if it's someone else he won't. I think that "someone else" might be another girl. When I look at his phone I see another female's name in there and when my little sister plays games on his phone and someone is calling him, she tells me a girl's name pops up. What should I do or say? I really like him and he took me home to meet his mom.



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A:  You've pretty much caught him red-handed. Confront him about the situation.
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B:  Break up with him.
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C:  Pour out your heart to him. He'll probably realize that he's blowing a good thing and change his ways.
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D:  Call the number that keeps calling him to find out what's really going on.

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