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Dear Anyone,

I have a problem or two. I like this boy very much. The problem is my mom doesn't want me to even think about the guy. He is so sweet and funny. My mom doesn't want me to be, talk or even think about him! She thinks I'll do something really crazy.
And I have his email but I'm too much of a chicken to give him mine. I'm moving to America and I'll never see him again. Sometimes I see him in the mall. I'm even scared to talk to him or walk to him. It's been like that since I was 9. What do I do?



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A:  Listen to your mom, she's always right.
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B:  Give him your email address.
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C:  For get the guy. You said you're moving to America and never seeing him again.
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D:  Go talk to him in the mall and pretty soon see what happens.

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