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Dear Anyone,

A couple of days ago, a boy added me to his friends list on MSN. I'm 14 years old. He told me he was 22 years old, and that he was not the flirty type and claimed to be "an innocent boy."

I asked him where he got my address and he wouldn't tell me. He said it didn't matter and that he believed in "true friendship" and if I "trusted" him. I signed out.

The next day, he messaged me again and after asking him a million times where he got my address, he told me he got it from my friend, "K". He said that "K" had told him I was a nice girl, and given him my screen name.

He claimed to be a cousin of "K", but when I asked him what "K"'s niece's name was, he quickly said that he was a second cousin and did not know. He did not know which school "K" went to either, and furthermore, changed his story and told me he was 17, not 22. However, he knew "K"'s last name.

Last night he bugged me for over an hour asking me if I accepted him as a friend or not. Then he got offline and came back after 20 minutes, saying he had been waiting for me to reply all that time!

I don't know what to believe anymore! I can't talk to "K" because we I'm not in the school or the country in which she is anymore! I don't know if this boy is telling the truth. I don't know how such a close friend could give my screen name away I like that, if she did indeed give it away.

Why is this guy so persistent?? He even told me I had a "beautiful soul." What should I do??

Worried and Confused


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A:  This guy is dangerous and crazy. BLOCK him.
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B:  Talk to "K" IF SHE EVER COMES ONLINE, and sort this out.
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C:  Ask this guy straight up what is going on.
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D:  Don't worry! All he wants is a friend!

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