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Dear Anyone,

My friend went through a very bad thing a while ago and it still troubles her. She seems to talk to everyone else but not me, yet said I was her best friend, I am not sure if I am one, because that was the only time she said it.

I've told her I will listen if she ever wants to talk and I tell her if I have any problems. Why is it that she can talk to everyone else more than me?

I'm worried that if I tell her that if she can talk to me again then she'll feel like I am forcing her to when she may not want to.

Shall I say something?


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A:  You are just jealous
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B:  She doesn't want to ruin her friendship with you
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C:  Talk to her about how you feel. It won't make her feel as though she has to talk to you, she'll just be happy to know you care
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D:  Carry on as normal. You're good friends now.

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