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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriends and myself go about together everywhere. We do everything together and I mean EVERYTHING! But last week I went to the beach with her and it was a nightmare! She was such a jerk to me and forced to doing things and always expected for things to be done HER way. Like she got stung by a jelly fish and made me carry all of her stuff inside so she could get medicine. But when I got stung be a jelly fish she made me wash my feet off after her and then when I was about to walk inside the bathroom and get medicine she jumped in front and went to the bathroom! We are really good friends so I don't know what to do. And right now she is all I have. Please what do I do?

Friend or Foe


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A:  Try to take a break from the friendship
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B:  Tell her about the problems
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C:  Make new friends and dump her
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D:  Lie low for a while

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