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Dear Anyone,

Lately, I've been very depressed. I find myself listening to more depressing music, and wearing more black. I broke up with my girlfriend of 18 months just 3 weeks ago, and I think it was a bad idea. I still love her, but the reason I broke up was because her dad wouldn't let her have a boyfriend. Now I'm with another girl, who I feel completely ignores me. She doesn't call, or talk to me on the computer. She acts offended that I want to put my arm around her, or kiss her when we say goodbye. To top off my existing problems, I go back soon to my hellish school with all of these kids I hate, and the fact that I barely have any school clothes yet makes it worse. And I also feel that my girlfriend will leave me when she meets someone new at school. I havent talked to any of my friends since summer started, and I feel alone. I hate this. I'm not suicidal but I hate how I feel. I really need some advice. Please guide me in the right way.

14 and Depressed


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A:  Deal with it. Sadness is a part of life, and North Americans should stop obsessing about being happy every second of the day.
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B:  Confront your girlfriend, contact your friends, and do some school shopping quick! You need to be proactive to be happy.
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C:  Dump your girlfriend and go back out with your ex that you still love. Love will fix your depression.
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D:  Stop worrying about girls and spend some personal time developing your skills and talents. There's nothing wrong with being on your own.

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