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Dear Anyone,

Well here's my problem. I have recently discovered different feeling for a good friend. We were roommates at one time and were always comfortable around each other. We talked to each other about our problems. Well about a year ago he had gone to Iraq. That is when I started to feel more for him then just friendship. Maybe it was the thought of loosing him. Around Christmas he came home for a two weeks leave. We ended up sleeping together. We were both very intoxicated. We both agreed to remain friends and kind of put it behind us. Well a few weeks after he got back we hooked up with some friends and partied. I ended up crashing at his place because I was too drunk to drive. Well one thing led to another and it happened again. It was really nice but I haven't spoke to him since. I've called a few times because I ended up breaking my foot that night as well. I called to let him know how I was. Thinking he hadn't got my calls, I e-mailed him and he responded, but was short in it (which is normal for him). Well I guess the question is do I go after him and chance loosing the good friendship or just let it be and make sure it doesn't happen again? I am getting older and tired of playing the dating game too. Help me as my feelings are too confused.

confused in love in hutchinson


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A:  Forget and let it be and never let it happen again
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B:  Go back for more and see what happens
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C:  Confess it all and let what happened be happened

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