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Dear Anyone,

Here is my dilemma. I have been casually dating this guy for 8 months now. We both aren't seeing anyone else but he doesn't want a girlfriend right now and we both like how things are between us. Anyway, he has asked me when I first met him what was my age when I lost my virginity and I told him that was a too personal of a question. We are intimate and have done everything but we haven't had sex. I have told him before that I wouldn't have sex with him. I needed an actual commitment before I would do that. I made that clear. He has continued to try to have sex with me everytime we're intimate and I always have to push him away. We do talk dirty and joke around a lot. My dilemma is that he doesn't know that I am a virgin. I am 33 years old and he is 30 years old. I was going to tell him the other night but I got so scared that I backed out. My stomach was in knots. I guess I am scared of the unknown. What should i do? He is already aware that I am definitely not going to have sex with him because I have made that clear to him time and time again. Do I need to tell him or can I just leave it alone?

nervous and confused


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A:  Just continue with how things are
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B:  Tell him without asking or bringing it up ever
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C:  Ignore it, he never has to know

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