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  A:  Walk Away And Leave Her        43%
  B:  If Its Meant To Be, Go For What Makes You Happy        30%
  C:  Wait till she leaves the guy then pursue        27%
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Dear Anyone,

I was once in love with someone and he went to prison and we were apart for almost 3 years. Before he left we had some differences because he had done some things behind my back. I suppose these things were forgivable, except that when approached about them he did not tell the truth. While he was away in prison he came clean and I was so furious and hurt and angry that I decided to move on with my life. He is now out and has returned to his son's mother, who was a lot of the reason we fought a lot when were together to begin with. He called me the other night and asked me to please tell me I love him, or he was going to marry this girl. He said that he has been praying to God for a reason not to marry her and that talking to me was the sign he needed. The dilemma now is that after all is said and done...I REALLY am in love with him and now it is too late. I feel like I have this gigantic hole in my heart and like a big big part of my soul has been ripped away from me. I just do not know what to do. He asked me to profess my love to him and I could not get the words to come out of my mouth.

A Lonely Wandering Soul in Ohio


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A:  Go get your man back!
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B:  Let it go and if it is meant to be God will find a way!
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C:  Lost your mind over here in Ohio while he is there in another state with her!

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