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  A:  Walk Away And Leave Her        44%
  B:  If Its Meant To Be, Go For What Makes You Happy        30%
  C:  Wait till she leaves the guy then pursue        26%
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Dear Anyone,

There was a girl who liked me very much, but I didn't like her back. Then she got a boyfriend and I started to like her; I even told her I liked her. But, she told me that she no longer liked me and it just went away over time. The thing is she text messages me every day, calls me every day and we talk for hours every day. She just broke up with her boyfriend. The last time we went out as friends she told me she got nervous when we were together and stuff. I don't know what to do. Is it possible the feelings she had came back just as fast as they went away? How do I know if she wants to be more than good friends?

confused boy


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A:  Just ask her how she feels about you. That'll clear things up.
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B:  Forget her. Once the feelings go away they don't return.
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C:  Play it safe for a while and look for more signals.

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