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  A:  Tell him how you feel and pray he feels the same.        43%
  B:  Continue what you are doing and look for signs he ...        29%
  C:  Drop him and move on.        28%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been dating this guy for about a year now. He's away at college in Tennesse, and I really care about him, and miss him. Everytime we're on the phone and we get ready to get off we say "Te Ammo" (I love you). But sometimes I don't think he means it. And now that he's been away for so long, I have found another person that I really like a lot, but never had the courage to tell him. And the other day, he came to me and told me he really liked me as a person, and I have a great personality. He wants to give us a try, but I don't want to cheat on my man at college, even though we already agreed that we probably wouldn't be dating forever since he's away at college. So, do I break up with him now, to date the person here in my town, or do I stay with him, and tell this other guy we can only be friends?



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A:  Break it off with your boyfriend. He isn't there by your side.
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B:  Go with what your heart tells you to do.
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C:  Talk to your boyfriend about this other guy and see what he says.
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D:  Stay with your boyfriend until you can break up in person. Breaking up on the phone is low.

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