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Love Advice


  A:  Stay with him and hope for the best        30%
  B:  Leave him for good and meet someone new        26%
  C:  Take more time apart        21%
  D:  Talk to him about changing        22%
Total Votes: 732

Dear Anyone,

Well I have been going out with this very sweet and cute guy for a month in a half now. But just last week we got a new guy in our school. He is so cute but I never thought he would like me. So then about two days after he came he told me I was beautiful. I don't know what to do! I'm in love with 2 guys at the same time? What should I do?

confused girl who is in love with 2 people!


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A:  Stay with your boyfriend Iian
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B:  Dump Iain and go for Jeff
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C:  Wait a little longer with Iain then go out with Jeff
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D:  Don't go out with either of them

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