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  A:  Stay with him and hope for the best        30%
  B:  Leave him for good and meet someone new        26%
  C:  Take more time apart        22%
  D:  Talk to him about changing        22%
Total Votes: 730

Dear Anyone,

This guy and I have been dating for a year and three months. During the first month of our relationship I kissed someone else and talked to other guys, but he said that he had forgiven me. Now all of a sudden he's saying that he's not in love with me anymore because he just keeps thinking about what happened back then. He says his feelings have changed and he's unwilling to take any steps to get to the place that we were before. But he also says that he still loves me and wants to be with me. Should I completely cut him off?

Heartbroken and Confused


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A:  Tell him to get over it or you're out of there. You can't keep paying for your mistake forever.
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B:  Make a big pot of coffee and have a good talk about this. The kiss happened over a year ago and it's time it was worked out.
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C:  Give it some time and he'll get over it. If the relationship is otherwise good, then stay together.
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D:  Give him a coupon for "one free kiss" that lets him kiss someone else so that you're even.

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