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  A:  Leave him alone        64%
  B:  Stop Calling        36%
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Dear Anyone,

I have recently met a man who makes me feel like I haven't felt before. I say in non technical terms he is either the "one" or the wrong one. He is on paper exactly what would be perfect. We have a connection but, having both been in many hurtful siutations, won't seem to open up. It has been a slow progression... I opened up a litte for the first time the other night; it went well but he hasn't said much since. He was hurt bad in the past, however so was I and I don't want to get hurt either.

Now comes the question.. in this wicked crazy world we live in, do you ever really know? Can you really trust any situation or person? Do you know to settle or know to stay? Or does it happen exactly how you planned it over in your head? I believe in loving like you've never been hurt before, although I worry about myself.



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A:  Walk away. Love happens like you plan it in your head.
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B:  Walk away. He can't open up and you can find someone who does.
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C:  Patience is a virtue. Give him time and space.
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D:  Love like you have never been hurt before.

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