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  A:  Leave him alone        64%
  B:  Stop Calling        36%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been dating someone for some time now. He was boarding off a woman, now he has his own apartment. While living with the other woman, they became close friends, and I felt she was always intruding on our dates and time together by calling him, IMing him, texting him, coming to where we are, etc. Now that he has moved out, she still interrupts our dates and even shows up at his place. She has exhibited jealousy over things I have given him. She is bi-polar & a real control freak. I am wondering if this is just part of her disorder to want attention & control...or if she really is jealous and trying to intrude on our time together.

Sick of Interuptions


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A:  Yes, sounds like she's jealous of his relationship with you. You've taken his attention now.
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B:  Its just her nature to satisfy her immediate need for attention & try to control him.

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