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  A:  Give him time and wait until he feels the same way ...        34%
  B:  Realize that if he doesn't feel the same way now h ...        20%
  C:  Tell him you didn't mean to say it and hope he bel ...        21%
  D:  Question his actions as of late and press his moti ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I am confused right now. I was in an on off relationship with "Milton" for nearly two years. During one of the off times, I met a guy named "Charles", he was currently in a relationship of his own, but we discussed seeing where our relationship would lead. Well, by that time Milton came back and we got back together and that angered Charles. A few months later, I had a one time secret fling with Charles behind Milton's back. Things didn't work out for me and Milton, so we broke up for good, and now Charles is back in the picture. But this time he's in a new relationship. However, we talk on the phone regularly, and see each other from time to time. This time I feel like my feelings have grown stronger for Charles, but I don't know if he's interested in anything but a sexual fling because he hasn't mentioned a relationship between us anymore. I feel like I may have miss my chances with him, but the main thing that gets me with him is I love our bedroom experiences, because he is a terrific lover--that may be the reason I real like I do. But at this point I don't know what to do. I don't want to come off demanding a relationship at this point, but I really wouldn't mind. He's been telling me just recently that he has feelings for me, but he didn't say all those things last year when we first met. So if these feelings have begun to develop, then where do we go from here. He even tried coming to my house when we lost connection before and Milton answered the door. So I felt he must have really had me and his mind, or something---what does it all mean?

Sprung--Please Help


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A:  Continue to enjoy the sexual relationship, no strings attached
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B:  He may fear I will return to my ex again, so give him time
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C:  Don't worry about it, just let nature take its course--if its meant to be it will

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