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  A:  Give him time and wait until he feels the same way ...        33%
  B:  Realize that if he doesn't feel the same way now h ...        22%
  C:  Tell him you didn't mean to say it and hope he bel ...        23%
  D:  Question his actions as of late and press his moti ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

I met this guy, "Larry", in July and everything has been going well until Saturday. When we decided that our relationship was getting serious, we shared our histories, and boy, he does have a very colourful history. He has a 6 year old kid and he told me he had gotten 2 other girls pregnant. One girl told me she does not want either the baby or its father because they were just screw mates and she happened to get pregnant. She actually asked me to marry the guy and adopt the kid. The other girl is due in March/April. He told me his relationship with this girl is practically over. However on Saturday it was graduation and this girl had a party. Apparently she invited Larry. He told me he wants to attend the party so that he doesn't hurt the girl's feelings. We had a row about that and in the end he stormed off and left. He came back SIunday morning, packed his things from my house and left - without a word. I 'm so frustrated. I love this guy so much that I was willing to accept his past and move on with him as we create anew life for the both of us. I don't have a problem with him having 3 kids; I can handle that because I love kids. He's not even talking to me. At times I wonder if I'm not to blame because I also have a kid and his father left me for another woman. I fear that whenever I have a guy, he'll be snatched off by another girl. Am I paranoid?

Frustrated in Botswana


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A:  Forget about the guy, he is not worth it.
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B:  Try to make amends with Larry and overcome your past.
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C:  Go for counselling and ask the guy to go with you so that you can resolve your issues.

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