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  A:  You should totally forget about him. He is probabl ...        32%
  B:  You should talk to him more and see where things go.        21%
  C:  You should just put yourself out there, risking ge ...        22%
  D:  You should call him and then wait and see if he wi ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

Recently my best friend broke up with her boyfriend of 10 months. All through their relationship I felt a connection with her boyfriend but never provoked anything with him because they appeared to be happy. Obviously my friend was a little insecure about their relationship because she was always questioning him about his feelings towards other women and what he thought of specific friends etc...this pushed him out of the relationship and he broke up with her. 3 months later he called me for dinner. I really like him and I know that there is potential there because we share the same interests in life, are both optimistic and agree that there is a world to explore. I know my friend would be terribly heartbroken to learn that I was dating her ex but it just feels like he could be the one....what should I do?



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A:  Duh! Say no! It's an unwritten don't date your friends ex's
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B:  Take the chance and go for it. The friendship will be over but it's worth the sacrifice because obviously they weren't meant to be
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C:  Be honest with her about how you feel about each other but offer reassurance that nothing happened between you two while they were together.
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D:  Date him, keep it a secret and elope. By the time she learns about it you'll be long gone

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