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  A:  Get his number and text message him        29%
  B:  Let your friend have him        20%
  C:  Try to ask his friends if he likes you first        31%
  D:  Wait till he comes to you        21%
Total Votes: 1110

Dear Anyone,

I met a couple online ("Ben" and "Kim") and had a short but passionate relationship with them. They broke it off after only a few months and it really hurt me. After a year and a half, Ben initiated communication with me, saying he wants to be friends with me. Even though they separated over a year ago, they are still friends and Kim has been telling Ben's new girlfriend about some of the crazy stuff I did when I was really heartbroken. When I questioned him about it, he said that it only bothers me because I am embarrassed. I know this stuff shouldn't be taken personally, but it has really changed my opinion of Kim, and of Ben for not saying something. My opinion has always been if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything. Am I just overreacting?

Emotional in Vancouver


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A:  Put on a thicker skin. People are shallow, even at the best of times.
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B:  No one should be telling embarrasing stories behind your back. You have every right to lower your estimation of Kim and Ben.
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C:  Why do you care? These people have been out of your life for a year and a half, so their opinions count for squat.
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D:  Sorry, if you act crazy, you'll be painted crazy. If Kim's just telling the truth, she's doing nothing wrong.

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