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  A:  Ignore the off and on guy        29%
  B:  Go for the math guy        24%
  C:  If the guy in your math class is a trouble maker d ...        26%
  D:  Follow your heart it's the truth        21%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm a sophomore at college. I was wondering if a person's behavior when they are drunk is truly representative of that person. There is a girl that I talk to a lot. However, she shows little reciprocation or interest such as phone calls or instant messages. She enjoys hangin' with her girlfriends, and when I ask her to come out with me to run errands, she refuses. However, on multiple occasions this girl has pinched me and been all over me when she is drunk. Does she like me or is it just the alcohol talking? I want a relationship with this girl, so should I make a move when she's drunk?

Confused in New Jersey


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A:  She likes you. The alcohol is letting her show her true feelings, and you should make a move when she's tipsy and flirty.
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B:  Make a move, but only when she's sober. It would be classless to take advantage of someone who's drunk.
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C:  She might like you, but why would you want to date a lush? Sounds like bad news.
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D:  Move on and forget about her. If she doesn't like you when she's sober, she doesn't like you at all.

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