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  A:  He's into you but doesn't want a relationship just ...        31%
  B:  He's into you but he's confused. Make the first move.        22%
  C:  He's not into you at all. He just has an odd way o ...        24%
  D:  He's not into you and is abusing your friendship. ...        23%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been in relationships since I was 17. One until I was 25, and then one for about a year and a half that I just broke off. So, now I am going crazy a little and dating. But, I have this problem. I think I am falling (or already fell) for one of my friends. And I think I even put him off by telling him about one of my dates. And I know it's stupid to be scared, but I am. It's that lightening bolt type of love. I can't stop thinking about him even as I try to go to sleep. We constantly grin in each other's presence. We talk a lot when we are together. He knows things about me even my close partners/friends don't. And, I just don't know if I should wait. What if I lose him? I have only been single for about two months, in ten years! And I am 27 so, it's like a last chance at getting out there a bit.

Could I be ready for something real?


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A:  It sounds like this friend may be too right for you to pass up. Work on developing your friendship into more.
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B:  You owe it to yourself to get out into the dating scene a bit before you settle into a relationship again.

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