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  A:  Just see what happens between you and go with the ...        32%
  B:  Move on and forget about it...        22%
  C:  Just let him come to you...        20%
  D:  Tell him how you feel... I don't think you can do ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I was engaged with a man and we broke off our relationship about 4 months ago. The reason I had broken up with him was because he just couldn't make time, since he was always to busy working. I would see him like once every 2 weeks and I just didn't think it was right. Now, he's calling me and telling me he is still in love with me and can't let me go. If I do take him back, this would be the third time because we had broken it off before and for the same reason. I do love him with all my hear, but I think we need more than love to work. We need some change, which I don't know will happen. I need help!

Impossible Love


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A:  Take him back and try to make it work
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B:  Forget about him, eventually he'll move on
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C:  Talk for a while see where this goes.

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