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  A:  Just see what happens between you and go with the ...        32%
  B:  Move on and forget about it...        22%
  C:  Just let him come to you...        20%
  D:  Tell him how you feel... I don't think you can do ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

Why isn't love enough? Here is my situation: I am with someone that loves me, and cares for me deeply. However his career (aspiring musician) leads him out of town frequently, which for the most part I don't mind. What is upsetting me is that he will go out of town and tell me he is coming home one day, then on a whim (invite from his friend, etc.) he decides to stay longer, or change his plans in someway. He does this so much it has become a habit and 99% of the time I call him on it and let him know this really irritates me. He will cut back on the behavior for a while, but eventually it rears it's ugly head again. I feel like I am not really being put as a priority over his career (I am not asking all of the time but sometimes). I have recently had thoughts of breaking up, but am confused because I am in love and know that he loves me back. How do you just walk away from that?

Why isn't love enough?


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A:  What does love mean if you're rarely together. Learn to move on.
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B:  If you love him, then you may have to wait and see if things get better.
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C:  Give him an ultimatum. Be very clear about how often he has to be around, or you're leaving.
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D:  Find another man to fill in the gaps while he's out of town.

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