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  A:  Just see what happens between you and go with the ...        32%
  B:  Move on and forget about it...        22%
  C:  Just let him come to you...        20%
  D:  Tell him how you feel... I don't think you can do ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

I've been going out with my girlfriend for almost 6 months. She's a really nice girl, but a little bit immature and sometimes seems to get confused about what she wants in life. The main problem has been her ex. She broke up with him only 3 months before she started going out with me. She'd gone out with him for almost 2 years, and had remained friends with him for a while after. Her ex went psycho when he first found out about us and tried to break us up in various ways. I finally had to tell her to stop talking to him. At one point she lied to me and was talking to him again, but I caught her and she promised to never do it again. However, she can't seem to get over the guy, and somehow feels guilty for having gotten over him so quickly. Now, after all the effort to finally get him out of our lives, she feels that she misses him and still wishes she could be friends with him. This annoyed me a lot and I broke up with her for this. But I still want to be with her.

Confused Bill


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A:  Forget her and move on.
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B:  Let her get over her past issues, and then give her another chance.
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C:  Get back right away, and support her in her attempt to resolve past issues.

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