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  A:  Just see what happens between you and go with the ...        32%
  B:  Move on and forget about it...        22%
  C:  Just let him come to you...        21%
  D:  Tell him how you feel... I don't think you can do ...        25%
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Dear Anyone,

Let me first mention that I am a lesbian. My fiance and I have a wonderful relationship and are very much in love, but our sex life could use a little improvement. She's I guess what you could call a "lazy" partner. I always initiate anything sexual, I use the strap-on on her, I use the toys on her ... and she seems to be happy with how I'm doing everything. She gets really wet and cums multiple times. But after I'm done with her she just like lays there and falls asleep. She doesn't even try to please me. Or sometimes I'll get her to start using the toy on me and she will still fall asleep. It makes me feel unattractive and I end up pleasing myself after she falls asleep. I've talked to her about this and she says that she can't help falling asleep. And I tell her then maybe she should do me first so that she doesn't fall asleep. She says ok, but it never goes down that way... She just is always making excuses. I'm very sexually attracted to her as well as attracted to her in every other way possible as well. I know they say that being in love makes sex good, and sometimes yes maybe it does. But not always! What should I do?

Feeling Sexually Helpless


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A:  Talk to her again. Even if nothing got solved any of the other times maybe she will see it in a different light this time.
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B:  Just accept that ya'lls sex drive is different and leave it be.
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C:  Accept and understand that you have different sex drives, but sit her down and gently explain that being in love means compromising!
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D:  Change your sexual routine. Give her a massage, have candles lit, wear that sexy little nightie, get her aroused & let her make the move

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