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Dear Anyone,

Hi. I'm a married female and have children. Lately, I have been wondering if it would actually be fun to go out with a young guy, maybe in his 20s. I am talking to some guy right now. He is 22 years old and he really wants to meet me. He knows my age and situation. Should I go out with him and just have a nice time? There will be no sex. I just want to hang out and talk. Or is this really wrong of me to do?

Mysteriously Confused in California


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A:  Go for it and have some fun! There isn't a law against talking, is there?
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B:  Don't do it. Emotional infidelity is just as bad as physical infidelity.
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C:  Why do you need your ego stroked so badly? Maybe you need to have a look at yourself in the mirror and fix what's broken.
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D:  Do you think the young guy doesn't have sex on his mind? How naive are you?

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