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  A:  You call her        55%
  B:  Get her back        26%
  C:  Move on        19%
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Dear Anyone,

There is this guy who works at a store just a few blocks from my house. I go there often and I see him all the time, so lately he has been noticing me just because I shop there a lot.

It has been about 6 months since I first saw him and I have developed a crush on him, but he barely knows I exist. I just don't know what to do to get him to notice me. It is difficult to talk to him because I just try to chat with him at the checkout counter but there is always a line and I know it will annoy him if I hold up the line.

I've been hurt a lot and feel VERY undesirable. I really want to "officially" meet him and get to know him, but feel very hopeless. I feel as though it is impossible for him, in all his perfection, to like me but I am compelled to try just because I feel so strangely attracted to him. What should I do?

Longing for the Blockbuster boy


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A:  Dress to look your best and flirt with him. If he is interested, you will know by his response.
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B:  Leave him alone. He might notice you and if he doesn't it's not meant to be.
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C:  Get a job at the same place and try to get close to him. You never know...sparks may fly!
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D:  Keep seeing him as you have been and make excuses to ask him questions, talk to him or get him to help you...then wait and see if it leads to anything.

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