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  A:  Girl you are pathetic, KISS HIM!        29%
  B:  You really don't want to ruin a friendship, just w ...        22%
  C:  Let him make the first move!        25%
  D:  Honey its never going to happen!!!        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I started seeing this guy about two weeks ago, and things are moving very quickly. I like him a lot, but I have a feeling that he is possessive. When we're alone he really opens up to me and lets his guard down, but when we're out, he is really guarded. For instance, I didn't call him at a time I told him I would, and he would not stop bringing it up. He then left this past weekend without telling me and blamed it on the fact that I didn't call him this one time. Overall, how do I find out whether he is controlling or whether he has just been hurt too often? Perhaps both?



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A:  Take things very, very slow, and over time his real personality will come out. Bolt at the first sign of trouble.
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B:  Confront him on the issue. Simply give him concrete details as to the things he has done and explain your concern. See how he reacts.
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C:  End it now. If you have that wary feeling, then you should trust it 100%. "Spidey Senses" are never wrong.
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D:  Let it ride! Who cares how fast things move? If you two have chemistry, then everything will come up roses in the end.

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