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  A:  Try to move on if that is possible        36%
  B:  Go for it and ask him out        21%
  C:  Wait for him to ask you out        19%
  D:  Stop fighting and try your hardest to get along        24%
Total Votes: 936

Dear Anyone,

A year and a half ago I met this girl at a party and we hooked up after a couple dates. We stopped seeing each other, but stayed friends and became very close as friends. About 7 months ago she aproached me and told me that she would like to start to see me again. For 4 months we were inseparable: family reunions, weddings, and togther every day. Then she broke up with me and never really said why. We didn't speak for awhile but after running into each other we are even closer than before. She says that she has very strong feelings for me but she can't commit to me. We spend every day together and are on the phone all the time. We even still hook up. She also admits that she lies to the guy that she is seeing to be with me. The guy is her ex and she claims that she loves him still. I know that I love her and that we are great togther. Why is she pulling away? She even admits that she doesn't want me to be with anyone else and gets very jealous if I am.

crazy in pa


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A:  Tell her enough with the wishy-washy. Either you're together or you're not.
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B:  Maintain holding pattern. Eventually she'll fully commit.
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C:  Stop wasting your time. She's obviously not able to decide what she wants.

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