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  A:  Tell him how you feel about this        33%
  B:  Tell him you sent the wrong message        23%
  C:  Say that you love someone else        23%
  D:  Say that your parents found out and lie to him and ...        20%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been married for a year and just recently discovered my husband forgot he was married to another woman. The other wife and I spoke and apparently there was some paperwork screw up and their divorce didn't go through. He tells me that he didn't know. He thought everything was final. On another hand he gets upset with me if I don't have sex with him when he wants. We have sex maybe 3 or 4 times a week and if he wants it a 5th time and I don't, he masturbates in front of me. I ask him not to do this and he refuses to go to another room. I've never been a relationship like this. This guy is really nice most of the time but when it come to sex, it is priority. He has to have it regardless of how I feel

Why did I get married?


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A:  Marriage counseling is definitely needed....there is hope.
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B:  Talk to a close friend
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C:  Leave this guy alone, he has serious issues. His original wife can have him back.

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