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Dear Anyone,

A friend of mine recently ended a 3 year relationship with someone who, towards the end, fell out of love and treated her like complete garbage. From there, she got together with her best friend of 16 years, and for at least a month, have had an incredibly intense and romantic relationship. Her ex just came back and he's making all these promises and making excuses for his actions and saying he was "suppressing his emotions" and that he never really did fall out of love with her. So now she is torn between the person who makes her completely happy, and the ex whom she has history with and may be playing games. Not to mention, the kids don't like him because of his abuse towards them, but they love the new guy.

What should she do?

Frustrated and in love.


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A:  Go back to her ex, they have history together.
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B:  Stay with the new guy, happiness will continue.
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C:  Your kids should be your first concern.
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D:  Forget them both

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