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  A:  Forget the past, Move on!        42%
  B:  Try to get his love back!        28%
  C:  Give it some time maybe he realizes that he still ...        30%
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Dear Anyone,

Last summer I met my dream-guy. At first he was my friend but than I felt I love this boy. He was my second half! Once I wrote: "I love you! Do you?" He became very red and didn't answer. About two hours later I wrote; "Say anything!"
He did. He asked me why did I write it only today? He said, "Didn't you know I am flying back tomorow?!"

9 months passed, but I still can't forget that boy. Because of him I can't date or love! Everyone said I should forget him. But I can't! What I want to ask is: Did he love me? Please answer!

Desperated and Waiting... for love and answer...


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A:  I think this boy loved you.
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B:  He may have loved you but that was 9 months ago. Face it, whatever may have been able to happen won't now.
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C:  He was probably just trying to let you down easy and avoid the topic. The fact that he was leaving made for a good excuse.

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