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  A:  Ask him out        32%
  B:  Tell him you love him        25%
  C:  He likes you but won't admit        22%
  D:  He don't like you but wants to be funny        21%
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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend always touches my tits and stuff and I hate it. It seems like that's all he wants to do or something. I do have sex with him but I don't know if I like it. I really think I'm not ready for it--like, he ALWAYS wants to do it and I'm just not into doing it every day. I'm just too young.

too much touchy


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A:  He's just using you as a blow up doll. Dump him.
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B:  Face it, guys want sex. Just put up with it.
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C:  What's the big deal? If everything else is fine, just put out to keep him happy in that department.
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D:  Tell him to cool off a bit or you're out.

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