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  A:  Ask him out        32%
  B:  Tell him you love him        25%
  C:  He likes you but won't admit        22%
  D:  He don't like you but wants to be funny        21%
Total Votes: 910

Dear Anyone,

I am a very ambitious 19 year old sophomore in college. All my life I've wanted to do random things like be a carni, write a book, and live in Europe. I've been dating an amazing 25 year old for only 4 months, but we've talked about marriage and 'settling'- something he's prepared to do a lot sooner than I was expecting to. We're deeply in love. But I need a man who can support my desire to live a little before I settle down, and he needs a woman who can move away with him in a year, and work towards starting a family.

My problem is in realizing where reality starts (i.e. are any of my goals accomplished) and where God or who ever plan begins (should I stay with him and hope it gives me what I need?). I love him very much, but I don't want to sacrifice everything I've dreamed. My motto is: Anything is Possible.

Free Spirit vs. Family Man


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A:  You're too young to be in love-- Live your dreams!
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B:  A bond like that is rare-- be willing to sacrifice if compromise doesn't work.
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C:  You and your family could live life later. Stay with him before you loose him forever.
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D:  Do your best to compromise. You both have important needs. If they are uncompromisable, another man will come along to fulfill them for you.

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