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  A:  Break it off. He will not change.        46%
  B:  Just ignore the behavior. He probably needs his al ...        26%
  C:  Keep trying to find out what is going on.        27%
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Dear Anyone,

I have been friends with this girl for around six months and I am interested in being with her. When I am around her and friends she seems really interested in being in a relationship but when I call her or see her around family she acts like she doesn't know who I am. What should I do?

Smitten and Confused


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A:  Investigate into why she acts like that in a friendly way.
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B:  Tell her that you don't want games, and stop being her friend.
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C:  Stay friends since she may be undecided on how she feels.
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D:  Confess how you feel for her. This may put an end to the games.

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