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  A:  Break it off. He will not change.        46%
  B:  Just ignore the behavior. He probably needs his al ...        26%
  C:  Keep trying to find out what is going on.        27%
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Dear Anyone,

So there is this guy whom I met on Saturday. I saw him in school today sitting at lunch with his friend and I came up to them. I decided that I like this guy but my friend also likes him and we both met him at the same party. I don't know what to do, I came up to both of them first and then she came over. Then I saw him in the hall and tapped him on the shoulder and he saw me and when I looked back he was still looking at me. I am trying to get his number and the reason I am doing all the work is because it seems like I will never get a chance alone with him unless I make the move. What should I do to pursue him ?

Wanting a boyfriend


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A:  Get his number and text message him
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B:  Let your friend have him
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C:  Try to ask his friends if he likes you first
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D:  Wait till he comes to you

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