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  A:  Email and tell him how you feel        39%
  B:  Forget about him because he was just playing        29%
  C:  Give him time to come to you        32%
Total Votes: 802

Dear Anyone,

I am 19 years old, 6'0" and just graduated from High School. I didn't realize that I really loved this guy until I was seperated for a while from him. We have the same interests and ideas. We both love art and both love to be different and have a blast. The problem is that he is 23 and i am 19. I wonder if he feels the same way? The big other problem is that he was my art teacher! This was his first job. Do you think I'm wrong for really liking him? We are both on the same level of maturity and he's everything I would want in a guy and more! I really think there is something there, but I'm scared and confused. Am I way up over my head in this?

hope in hopeless love


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A:  It's not right to date someone who was an authority figure to you. Plus it will put him in an awkward position with his future career.
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B:  You're close enough in age. Go for it! After all you're an adult now.
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C:  Are you out of your mind? How could you even entertain such a crazy idea?
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D:  Are you sure you don't just like him in a schoolgirl crush kind of way? You'll get over it.

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