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  A:  Wait for a couple of years for the older boy to ca ...        32%
  B:  Forget about him        24%
  C:  Admit your feelings to the older boy        22%
  D:  Move on with my life and wait for someone to come ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

HELP! I need someone to give me the scoop!

I have been friends with this guy for about two years, but he lives in San Diego. I live in L.A. For half of this time I have been in a serious relationship, and he also has been in a relationship. We are both single now. He is still getting over his ex (she keeps wanting him back and then blowing him off) but shows interest in me and says he knows his ex is not the one.

I wanted to visit him last weekend, and I asked him a few days before I went how he saw me: girlfriend, friend or "friend with benefits." He said none of those, and emailed, "Friend that I love a lot, that I talk to just about everyday, that I listen too, that listened to me, that I respect, that I have fun with, that I wouldn't mind sleeping with, but if she doesn't want to sleep with me, well, then that's okay too."

He ended up flaking and I did not go down. He wrote an email apology and said that "stuff was going on" with his ex, and that he was moody and upset and that he didn't want to bring me down. Please explain what I should do now in this "friendship" we have (or don't have) and what you think he is thinking. I do not want a "friend with benefits" situation.

Got the Hots for My Friend


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A:  Back off and play hard to get. Let him miss you and he'll come running back to mama.
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B:  Call him and let him know that everything is OK. Tell him you're willing to wait for him to figure out what he wants for the relationship.
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C:  Face it, girl. He's not interested. Keep him as a friend, but don't bother calling.
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