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  A:  Wait for a couple of years for the older boy to ca ...        33%
  B:  Forget about him        23%
  C:  Admit your feelings to the older boy        23%
  D:  Move on with my life and wait for someone to come ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

There is this boy at school and he flirts with me 24/7. I like him a lot, enough to be my boyfriend. The only problem is he has a girlfriend. On msn we got into a fight on why he flirts with me so much and if he really loves his girlfriend. He even flat out told me he didn't like me. How can I get him to like me as more than a friend?

un-loved teen


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A:  You've got come clean and tell him your feelings.
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B:  This sounds like a job for a mutual friend. Get someone to talk to him to see if he would entertain a relationship with you.
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C:  He's already got a girlfriend so keep your hands off.
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D:  Guys flirt with girls to pad their own egos. It doesn't mean anything other than that he likes the attention it gets him

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