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  A:  You move on        33%
  B:  He still wants you and is confused        22%
  C:  No answer is his answer        24%
  D:  Hope for the best        21%
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Dear Anyone,

A few years ago my best friend sent me an email telling me never speak to her again. She also blocked me from all of her websites, blogs, etc. She did this for no reason that I can determine -- we hadn't had a fight, I can't think of anything I did to make her angry (and believe me, I racked my brains), and I'd seen her just a few days before and she'd hugged me and told me how much she loved me. We knew each other mainly online. She lived in another state and we'd only met twice. She's ten years older than me (28 to my 18 at the time) and I looked up to her as a mother/sister figure.

Anyway, I was very hurt and confused about this, and later on, angry at not being given any explanation. But I got on with my life. Then, about a year later, my friend emailed me again. She didn't really explain why she'd been so mean to me before. In fact, she didn't specifically mention it, but she said she'd had some mental health problems but was better now and wanted to be friends again. I wasn't very enthusiastic but I emailed her and said sure, we can try again, because I still care about her. I never heard back from her, leaving me more confused than ever.

Yesterday my (ex) friend put in a request to become my My Space friend! I don't know what to do. I once adored this woman and we had a lovely relationship. I'd love to have again, but I am worried that she will just disappear again like she keeps doing, and I don't even know why.

Bewildered in the midwest


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A:  Give your friend a third chance and welcome her back with open arms.
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B:  Email your friend demanding an explanation, and if she gives one, go from there
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C:  Tell your friend to never write to you again

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