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  A:  Go for it        32%
  B:  Forget about it        23%
  C:  Tell her about it        21%
  D:  Tell him how you really feel        23%
Total Votes: 862

Dear Anyone,

I have been in a serious relationship for close to 10 years. We are generally happy, although sometimes I feel more like his friend. Before we started dating (over 10 yrs ago), I was talking to another guy. The relationship never turned into much with this other guy, although I always wished it would've. Shortly after we stopped talking I started dating my current boyfriend. I see this "old" guy around, and I still feel like I have the same crush on him as I did 10 years ago. I've been thinking and dreaming about him a lot lately, and it's bothering me. I really want to talk to him about it, but a) I don't want to hurt my boyfriend, and b) I don't want to freak this guy out after not talking to him for so long. I feel though like I'll never be able to get over it unless I get some answers. What should I do?

help me in Southpoint, pa


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A:  Get over it and move on
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B:  Call or write this "old guy" and tell him what you are feeling
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C:  Get out of current relationship if you are having these feelings

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