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  A:  Stay and try to find that spark again        31%
  B:  Leave him        19%
  C:  Do a trial separation        25%
  D:  Start looking for a new relationship        24%
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Dear Anyone,

This man is my best friend. I have known him for about a year and a half now and he really means a lot to me. From day one I have thought that he is extremly good looking and the sweetest person I have ever met. (I have been through some rough relationships; e.g., drug addicts, drunks, and beaters). I get a good feeling from him every time I talk to him on the phone and everytime I see him my stomach flutters and I get nervous. I want him to know that I really love him but I am scared of having my heart broken by my best friend or him not feeling the same or something horrible. I know how he is with girls that don't really mean anything to him and that I mean A LOT more to him than any other girl he has ever met. (He is in a situation where I have to help him out a lot--incarceration). I don't want anything to change for the worse between us and I'm scared that if I tell him that I love him in that way he won't want to be around me anymore or that he won't want to be with me. Please help!



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A:  You only live once. Tell him how you feel already!
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B:  Wait for him to make the move.
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C:  Sorry... did you say he's in jail?! How can this guy be a step up from your previous relationships? You are worth a lot more than that.
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D:  Stick to being friends. Being incarcerated can put a cramp on a good relationship.

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