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Dear Anyone,

I am almost 25 years and it seems like I have not at all have luck to make some guy interested. I haven't got a boyfriend for almost 5 years. I am really starting to think that I must look horrible since no one shows interest in me, except being a friend, and of course those are the guys that I wouldn't like to date. Everything starts like this, I know some guy, and then when I start liking him, he backs off And now I don't do anything to make him back off. For instance I know one guy from online, it happened we to have in common friends so we went 3 days ago all of us out. It was the first time to see him in real. Before he was extremely nice with me, during the dinner as well, but now he doesn't talk to me online. Can I be that horrible so no one is interested? I am fit, intelligent, employed, funny, have friends...what can be the problem?

thanks in advance!



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A:  You haven't met the right person
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