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Dear Anyone,

Two years ago I fell miserably in love. Me and the guy would date for about a month, and then he would quit calling. Then about 2 months later, we would start up talking again. Well, this has been going on for 2 years now, and he has started to come around again. I love him more than anything, but this on again off again crap isn't fair to me. I know I should dump him and just get over it, but I love him and I have tried so hard to get over him but I can't seem to. What should I do? Help!

Just Wanna Be Loved In Florida


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A:  Be there for him no matter what. (1) You love the guy, and (2) your love will win him over.
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B:  Tell him it's you or the road. (1) You've been at it for two years, and (2) you're missing chances to date other people.
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C:  Date his best friend. (1) That'll teach him a lesson, and (2) revenge is sweet.
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D:  Dump him already, girl. Like you said, (1) he's giving you crap, and (2) it's unfair.

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