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Dear Anyone,

Last May, my son and I left my common-law husband (on the advice of the local police). I now have a lot of resentment towards him. The problem is, since I left him, I have been gaining weight. I am at my highest weight ever and it's bugging me. For some reason, I am not really trying to lose weight and don't really even care about it anymore.

My ex-partner was abusive: emotionally, sexually and physically. I am lucky to no longer have him in my life and I just don't understand why I am packing on the weight. I thought I would be happy since leaving him, but I guess I am not doing that well. I am currently in counseling, but I don't feel it's going anywhere. The only thing the anti-depressants did was help me quit smoking.

Fat and Alone in Oklahoma


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B:  Change your counselor. Maybe talking to a new person is the answer.
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C:  Make a fresh start. Move out of state, get a new job, make a new life for you and your son and put this whole sorry mess behind you.
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D:  Better to be fat and safe than to be skinny and abused. You have made the right choice. Don't look back.

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