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Dear Anyone,

I have been harboring what used to be a crush on my assistant manager. He is involved in a relationship with a woman who has three children, none by him. His brother had gotten involved with my roommate and it ended ugly. The point is, I don't know why but he came over one night and we hooked up. Nothing serious, no sex involved, just a simple hook up. Now I feel almost lost without talking to him. I always had interest in him just because he was always so sweet and so caring. I don't know if it is worth pursuing just because I don't work with him any longer and I never see him not to mention my ex-roommate started a lot of drama with his brother. What should I do?

Hopelessly I don't know what...


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A:  Call him and attempt to get together with him.
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B:  Forget about him entirely.
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C:  Play your position and wait for him to come to you.
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D:  Pull some major strings to get to him.

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