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Dear Anyone,

I recently got back in touch with an ex boyfriend and find myself falling for him again. But everything else about the situation is bad - he just got a divorce, he lives 3 states away, and he's not ready for a relationship - let alone a long-distance relationship. I can tell he still loves and cares for me as much as I do for him, but the timing is all wrong. He says he wants to stay in touch and even keep visiting each other (we've spent 3 weekends together in the past two months), but he doesn't want to move beyond friendship emotionally. This is very difficult for me, as I am very attached to him and hopelessly (still) in love with him. I know he would never deliberately use me, but it feels wrong to just "be there" for him without getting any commitment at all in return.

Wishing he was my ex-ex


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A:  Stop contact altogether - he's unintentionally using you during his rough time
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B:  Stay in touch as friends, but don't visit in person anymore
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C:  Stay in touch AND keep visiting - so when he becomes ready for a relationship, you'll be right there already

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