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Dear Anyone,

I'm a 24 year old male with dating problems. Currently I'm in a six month-old relationship and find myself starting to ask questions about whether I'm happy. I seem to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and once we get together, I loose interest. It happened before and I still regret that decision. Now I'm afraid to end this relationship as I fear the same will happen. To make matters worse, this is also a long distance relationship and we only see each other once every two months.
I need some advice.

Restless Lover


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A:  You're obviously not happy with the current situation so it's time to break it off. Maybe you won't regret ending this one.
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B:  It's natural to enjoy the hunt but don't let that ruin all your relationships. There comes a time where you'll have to settle down.
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C:  Tell your long-distance lover that you need some time off to figure things out. Your heart will soon tell you if you want to win her back.

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