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  A:  Listen to your best friend and go get your man        32%
  B:  Leave the boy alone        25%
  C:  Just sleep with him again        23%
  D:  Talk about it and see where it goes        20%
Total Votes: 752

Dear Anyone,

I've been with this boy for about a month. The relationship is great. Yes, we've had our rocky moments but overall he is the best one for me. I've been under a lot of stress lately and I kind of find myself taking it out on him. He tells me that if I flip out on him again he's gone. I told him that I've been stressed and I was sorry. But instead of him being there for me, he says that he'll split if it happens again. Wat do I do? Should I just end it now?



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A:  He lacks patience and understanding for your situation. End it.
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B:  Give him a chance to meet your needs before you bail ship.
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C:  Stop being such a stress case. You're scaring him away.

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