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  A:  You just move on and find someone else.        60%
  B:  Ask her directly how she feels about you        40%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm a teenager in Asia. I've been to a cultural interchange camp in Europe where almost all the major countries of the world took part. There I fell in love with a girl from Sweden. We spent a lot of time together, played, chatted, supported each other, discovered that both of had completely same interests and got glued to each other as if we were made for each other. The camp lasted for about one month.

Back at home, I was sort of in trouble when a girl came up to help me. That was when I realized that I had fallen in love with her. She never appeared so beautiful and charming to me.

Now that was a situation where I never wanted to be in. On one hand, I had my first love, who actually shared most of my interests and knew me the best, and on the other hand the girl who supported me. I have been out of touch with my "special friend" from Sweden for almost a year, but I could easily meet the second one as we live almost next door.

Stuck in a dillema,


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A:  First love is first love. Hang on to your first love.
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B:  Give the second one a chance. Loving someone 9000 km away isn't practical. Besides, the second one proved herself by helping you.
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C:  Let both of them out of your head.
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D:  Find yourself a third one!

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