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  A:  Tell him, and hope he understands.        29%
  B:  Don't tell him just try getting over him.        25%
  C:  Secretly crush on him        21%
  D:  Ask him why he's avoiding you and don't tell him y ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm leaving for another country soon to work. I'm excited and thrilled! Problem is, I'm going to leave my girlfriend behind for a very long time. We've been on for only a month now but we are truly in love with each other.

Since she is so in love with me, she said she would wait, and of course I'll come back for her and bring her with me when I have earned some money. But this is still a very new relationship. Breaking up now wouldn't be so bad. I feel sorry for letting her wait for me, but I love her so much. I don't know what to do!

Loving but leaving


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A:  It's only a one month relationship. Better break up now because you don't know what might happen when you're away.
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B:  Long distance relationships don't work! Are you sure she will wait for you? And are you sure you can fight the temptation of finding another girl?
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C:  Give it a try but understand the risks. If it really won't work out while you're away, then you've just got to go with it.
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D:  Love has no boundaries. As long as you keep in constant contact with each other, and if love is really there, then no problemo mi amigo!

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